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SonnabendLaw specializes in Intellectual Property and Technology Law for individuals, startups and smaller businesses. SonnabendLaw is sensitive to the special needs of the smaller client, especially the tight budgetary constraints small businesses face. SonnabendLaw provides clients with sound legal counsel based on years of big firm experience - without the big firm expense - and provides the close personal attention only a sole practitioner can provide.

SonnabendLaw is located at 600 Prospect Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215-6012. You can phone us at 718-832-8810 or email us.

Principal Areas of Practice

Protecting Innovation

More than simply providing patent prosecution services, SonnabendLaw provides its clients with a comprehensive approach to protecting innovation. The comprehensive approach mixes national and international patent protection, trade secret protection, copyright protection, and innovation disclosure and development agreements, among others. Importantly, the SonnabendLaw approach never simply "pushes patent applications," instead providing case by case analysis of circumstances to tailor a most appropriate approach to protecting client innovation.

Developing and Securing Brands

SonnabendLaw provides a comprehensive program for protecting valuable client brands. The SonnabendLaw approach often starts with a trademark audit, which allows clients to identify key brands, and to map out a cost effective approach to protecting and managing these brands. Through the use of proprietary software, SonnabendLaw provides a range of trademark searches at a fraction of the cost of other firms. Finally, SonnabendLaw helps clients aggressively protect their brands through federal registration, marketplace monitoring, and proactive cease and desist actions. Please see our schedule of trademark fees for a complete listing of our reasonable trademark related fees.

Developing and Licensing Technology

SonnabendLaw provides clients with a complete legal framework for realizing their innovative technology through both domestic and international outsourcing arrangements, technology development and licensing agreements.

Ensuring Internet and E-Commerce Compliance

SonnabendLaw provides all-inclusive services for clients having web presences or engaging in eCommerce - a population encompassing nearly every business today. Through carefully crafted terms and conditions of service and privacy policies, SonnabendLaw helps clients minimize liability risks and control use and access of their websites. SonnabendLaw also helps clients establish DMCA safe harbor and CAN-SPAM compliant programs.

Litigation and Enforcement

SonnabendLaw works hard to help its clients avoid litigation; however, litigation is sometimes the most appropriate course of action. In these situations, SonnabendLaw works hard to quickly and favorably conclude actions at minimal cost to clients.

Representative Clients

PlaSmart, Inc., Ottawa, Ontario Canada - Toy manufacturer and developer of innovative products including the wildly successful PlasmaCar brand ride on toy.

Mint, Inc., NYC, NY - Industrial design collective and creator of products such as the "Hug" sculpture salt and pepper shaker.

Fascinations, Inc., Seatac, WA - Designers and producers of unique physics a science toys, including innovative 3D metal model kits.

The Dears, Montreal, Quebec Canada - Award winning indie rock group led by Murray Lightburn.

PayByPhone, Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia Canada - Innovators in mobile device based parking payment systems.

REM, LLC, Nanuet, NY - Designers and manufacturers of inventive vehicle protection products including the Bumper Bully and Bumper Badger product lines.

Clients serviced in connection with prior affiliations include: Unilever PLC, General Signal Corporation, IBM, Abbott Laboratories, Genentech, Inc., and others.

Prior Affiliations

Patterson, Belknap, Webb & Tyler LLP, New York, N.Y.

Rogers & Wells/Shea & Gould, New York, N.Y.

Pfizer, Inc., Legal Division, New York, N.Y.

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